cyrille  (altarboy) 2003

Altarboy is a portable server-sculpture containing a network based art work that can be sold. The sculpture contains a laptop running as web server. This means that "physically" the code of the work resides in the sculpture and can be owned by a collector or an institution as any other more classic artwork. Indeed, it is up to the collector to decide when to plug it into the web letting the public see and interact with the website. If the server is turned off, the work can be seen privately using the data stored in its database (data collected during the days of its online life).

The work presently running on Altarboy is the portrait of a woman depicted through the images found on Google by querying 10 keywords she has previously chosen. The words were selected in order to briefly describe her personality.
Since the server is portable, you will not be able to see the work remotely if the machine is not connected to the Internet in that particular moment. Until 9.XI.2003, Altarboy was located @ ARTissima art fair in Torino [Lingotto] (stand: Analix Geneve Gallery).
Since January 2004 it has been sold to the Forever Laser Institute in Geneve, where it will be permanently shown.
Press - Oriana at The Chelsea Museum - Altarboy Interview - Altarboy tech specs and docs
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